Transcripts/Credit Transfers FAQ


1. How do I get a copy of my Kaplan University transcript?

You can order copies of your official Kaplan University transcripts and have them sent automatically to recipients of your choice. Go to the Kaplan University Transcripts page in the Registrar and Credits area under the University Info tab. You can also find out how you can create unofficial grade reports.

2. Does Kaplan University welcome students' previously earned credit from another institution?

Yes, students may be able to receive credit for previous college courses, CLEP, DANTES, work experience, and military training through the credit evaluation process conducted by our Student Records Office. For more information on how you can receive college-level credit for work you have already completed, visit the Registrar and Credits Office page located under the University Info tab.

3. How do I request an official high school or college transcript?

Kaplan University has transcript request forms that you can use to request high school and college transcripts. If you are an international student or an enrolled student who has been selected for verification of proof of high school graduation by the University, you can use the High School/GED Transcript Request Form to request actual proof of graduation.

If you would like to request college transcripts, you must send an official, signed Prior Learning Transcript Request Form [PDF 66.56KB] to each institution and pay any required transcript fees.

4. Which universities or colleges should receive my Prior Learning Transcript Request Form?

Send the form only to schools from which you are requesting an official transcript. If you attended a school but will not be requesting a transcript, do not list it on the Prior Learning Transcript Request Form. A separate Prior Learning Transcript Request Form should be filled out for each institution.

5. How do I request military transcripts?

Visit the Transfer Credit & Transcripts page under the University Info tab in KU Campus for information on how to request military transcripts.

6. Can I submit transcripts for some of the schools I have attended and not others?

Yes. While the Student Records Office encourages students to submit transcripts from all previous institutions they attended, it is not required. Students should submit a Prior Learning Transcript Request Form to those schools whose transcripts they would like us to evaluate.

7. What is accepted as an official transcript by Kaplan University?

You must have official transcripts on file to receive college transfer credit. Official transcripts must be sent directly from your school to Kaplan University. Transcripts will not be accepted as official by Kaplan University for any of the following reasons:

  1. Stamped with "Student copy," "Issued to student," etc.
  2. Received from the student (whether or not the envelope is sealed)
  3. Registrar signature or seal is missing
  4. Student name or social security number does not match file
  5. Illegible transcript
  6. Lack of accreditation for the institution issuing the transcript
  7. Missing last term grades or date of graduation

8. What procedures do DANTES students need to follow?

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) students need to have their degree plan evaluated and classes assigned before they are enrolled. If the student has transfer credit, they must immediately request that an official transcript be sent to the Student Records Office. An unofficial copy may be sent if it is necessary to meet deadlines. In this instance, the Admissions Advisor should request a Priority Audit, which serves as a preliminary evaluation.

9. How do I get credit for work or other experience?

You will need to complete and submit an Experiential Learning Portfolio. The portfolio should outline the work or other learning experiences relevant to the class you would like to have evaluated for credit. Your Academic Advisor can give you more information on receiving credit for work or life experience. More information can also be found on the University Info tab under Registrar and Credits Office

10. What is Self-Reporting Transfer Credit and why would I use it?

In the instance that your official transcript has not arrived or has not been evaluated before the beginning of your first term, Kaplan University requests that students self-report their transfer credit. Self-Reporting Transfer Credit tells us what courses you expect to receive credit for, so we do not register you for those classes.

11. When entering Self-Reporting Transfer Credit, what if I do not remember when I attended, how many credits I earned, or the grade I received in a class I took at another school?

Self-Reporting Transfer Credit does not replace an actual transcript from your previous college or university. Self-Reporting Transfer Credit tells us for what courses you expect to receive transfer credit. We will need to receive the official transcript before assessing transfer credit. If, while self-reporting, you are unsure of a grade, class name, or credit received, please enter the closest approximation until your official transcript arrives. The most effective way to enter Self-Reporting Transfer Credit is to reference a copy of your transcript.